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ウェディングの他、2023年3月イタリア・パルマにて開催されるアートフェア(Art Parma Fair)、10月にはパリ・ルーブル美術館Carrousel du Louvreで開催されるアートフェア(Salon Art Shopping Paris)をはじめ、国内外のアートフェアに出展予定。


Tomoko started her painting career when she was a high school exchange student in the United States. Her first paid commission was an order from her art teacher which she was paid $50 for a painting of the teacher’s children (and, of course, she got an A!).  After the event, she was featured in the local newspaper and received a flood of commissions from students to paint from their school photos. She continued to paint as a part-time painter and sold more than 100 paintings by 2002. While working for global companies for over 20 years and building a relatively “safe” career, she was shocked to learn about the popularity of “live wedding painting” in American weddings, which she had previously envisioned in the past. Two weeks later, she took up her first live wedding painting and decided to follow her passion and pursue a new career as a live painter. She is known for her skill in adding people who were not at the event to the painting by using photographs. She will be exhibiting at Salon Art Shopping Paris at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris in October 2023. Tomoko lives in Tokyo, Japan, with her American husband and two daughters. Tomoko is graduated from Keio University (Japan) with a BA in Literature.

展示会歴 Exhibition Records

1998 – The Hyatt Regency, Sanctuary Cove, Australia (オーストラリア)

2022 (May-Jun) – Botanic Art Weekend (軽井沢書店)

2022 (Nov 15-20) – 霜月いろどり芸術展(京橋・千疋屋ギャラリー)

2023 (Jan6 – Feb 27) – みんなの猫展(fine port gallery 小豆島)

2023 (March 4-5/10-12) – Art Parma Fair, Fiere di Parma(イタリア)

2023 (Oct 20-22) – Salon Art Shopping Paris, Carrousel du Louvre(フランス)

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